Campaign for Digital Rights
Buying a new CD? Watch out for inferior imitations Wednesday July 17, 2024

Please note that these CD campaign pages have been frozen as of 14-1-2005, and will not be updated for the time being. However, they will still remain here as an information resource for people still encountering problems with their CDs.

corrupt disc, inferior audiocorrupt disc, inferior audio

Corrupt audio discs, aka "Copy-Protected CDs"

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Our Research, and other Documents and Articles

Here are articles and other documents that we have written

Here are some interesting comments that have come up on the mailing list or various forums:

  • The record industry might be in trouble, but should we really protect them with changes to the law? Commentary HERE
  • Someone on the Heise (Germany) forum counters music industry propaganda.
  • Also check out the mailing list archives (see "Mailing lists" in left bar). Most of the issues have been thrashed to death on the list, several times over.