(This is the original E-mail sent out, updated according to recent


Please help us fight the EUCD and avoid more cases like that of Dmitry
Sklyarov by distributing leaflets outside major record stores in your
local town centre this Saturday 6th October.

We are planning a nationwide leafletting campaign to raise public
awareness about the new copy-protected CDs that the major record
labels have started to sneak into the UK, and to use this issue to
raise awareness about the EUCD, the DMCA and the case of Dmitry

Check out our leaflet, which we hope will make the man in the street
and his family say "Enough is enough!":


Here is some background on all of this, in case any of these issues
are unfamiliar to you:

Dmitry Sklyarov:

I hope you have already heard about the case of Dmitry Sklyarov, the
Russian cryptographer who was arrested in the USA after presenting a
paper at DEFCON in which he exposed weaknesses in Adobe's eBook
encryption.  He faces up to 25 years in jail if found guilty.  Check
out the campaign in support of him:


He was arrested under America's new controversial DMCA laws.

The Campaign for Digital Rights:

This is a UK group that formed to handle action in support of Dmitry
here in the UK - it is linked off the freesklyarov site.  Already two
protests have taken place in London.  Check out the web-site for
details of these, and for mailing lists, flyers and other materials:

Soon after its formation, it became clear that the case of Dmitry
Sklyarov was just the tip of the iceberg, and that the CDR could
usefully campaign on much broader issues.  For one thing, coming soon
are the European equivalents of the DMCA laws, known as the EUCD,
which have yet to be passed into law (they must be passed in each
country individually).  There is a chance that we may be able to make
a difference here before it is too late.

The new copy-protected CDs:

These are the record manufacturer's latest ploy to put an end to MP3s
and digital copying of CDs.  They have developed a format which
intentionally corrupts the error correction code on a CD, forcing a
normal CD player to error-correct constantly, and even to interpolate
and fabricate parts of the sound.

They have been releasing these into the shops to see if anyone notices
the difference, hoping that by claiming that there was no increase in
the rate of return of these CDs, that they can justify putting all CDs
into this format.  They claim to have released one million of these
CDs into the UK alone.

When ripping tracks from one of these CDs using a computer, naturally
the CD drive complains about all these badly corrupted blocks, so it
is impossible to rip the CD in the normal way.  It might be possible
to extract digital audio from CD drives that have SPDIF outputs, but
in any case the audio quality of the CD can never be full CD-quality
due to all the intentional corruption.

Our campaign:

We believe that the public will be outraged if they learn what the
manufacturers are trying to do, and so we hope to give the public this
information, and encourage them to act on it.  That is the purpose of
the leaflet.

If there is enough public pressure on the record stores, this will be
an extremely embarrassing situation for them, and they will be forced
to choose between supporting the public (who keep them in business) or
supporting the manufacturer.  I'm sure you can see how this could be a
potent force to help improve the situation.

In addition, the media attention this would generate will allow
campaigns against the EUCD to have much more credibility, giving us a
chance to make a difference before it is too late.

How you can help:

Even a single person handing out 500 leaflets in their local town
centre this Saturday can make an enormous difference.  If a group of
you can get together, you could cover all the major record stores in
your locality.  If there are even more volunteers, you could make
placards and get even more public attention.  It's up to you.

Apart from organising action in our own localities, we hope to help
you by providing materials and a central point for coordination.  We
have the leaflet mentioned above ready for you to print out and take
to a copy-shop, with another more general flyer coming soon to print
on the reverse.  On the CDR site there are also further EUCD and
DMCA-related materials that might be useful for larger protests:


If you're thinking of leafletting in your area, check out the
following page to see if anyone else is planning to do so as well.
You could get in contact, and pool resources:


If there isn't someone already listed there for your locality, and
you'd be willing to put up your contact details, please E-mail me this
information at the address below.  I need: the location you intend to
cover, your name or the name of your group, plus some contact details
(E-mail address and/or phone number):


If you're not available on that day, but you know someone who might
be, or some other group I might not have contacted, please forward
this message to them.  Particularly, user groups, if you have a
mailing list, please let everyone know about this.  The more people we
can get involved, the better.

If you want to keep in touch with further developments after this
weekend, please join either the announce list or the discussion list
at the CDR site:


Well, thankyou for reading all of this.  I really hope that we can
make a difference this Saturday 6th October and start to turn the tide
against these extremely unpleasant plans from the media giants.

Jim Peters