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Buying a new CD? Watch out for inferior imitations Friday June 21, 2024
BBC Creative Archive The BBC is planning to open its archives into a Creative Archive. This could be a wonderful thing - but only if it's done properly.

A fully realized Creative Archive could transform the BBC's precious, deep archive into a springboard for a new century of participatory creation by Britons. The project stands to make the BBC the banner-carrier for public service broadcasting in the information age, but if the BBC bends to pressure to scale back its ambition, the Creative Archive could amount to little more than brochureware and failed promise..

European Copyright Directive In 2003 the European Parliament passed the EUCD, a new law allegedly designed to protect copyrights that has the potential to both severely damage freedom of speech inside the EU and slow cryptography research to a crawl.
Copy-Protected CDs  The music publishers are quietly introducing 'copy protected' CDs that can't be copied even for personal use. These corrupted CDs are also lower-quality, more susceptible to damage from scratches, and some equipment can't play them at all.
Criminal prosecution of Dmitry Sklyarov Dmitry Sklyarov was arrested on 16 July 2001, and charged with infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If found guilty he can get up to 25 years imprisonment and $1,250,000 fine.