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European Union Copyright Directive

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Why should I care

  Analysis of the Proposed UK Implementation
  Why The EUCD Is Bad
  EUCD - Think about... - Effects of the EUCD
  Tensions between Free Software and Architectures of Control

  EUCD - nothing to worry about? - response to a posting on Slashdot concerning the article The EU's Answer to the DMCA

Past Events

We held a mini-conference in London to promote awareness of the European Union Copyright Directive and its likely effects on innovation, consumers and the information society on 29 April 2002

Recordings of the event are now available in various formats.

The speakers were Alan Cox and Martin Keegan; a detailed programme, is still available.


Here are a list of links that we have found interesting or relevant. Please note, however, that these only scratch the surface of the information that is available. You will find many more articles on any subject of your choosing by doing searches on Google or other search engines.

EUCD resources

  Local copy of the EUCD with html navigation tags
  EUCD - from the comission's database

Other Intellectual Property Law resources

  Directory of Community legislation in force - Intellectual property law
  UK legislation - Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA)
  WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Proprty Rights (TRIPS)

Background on the EUCD

  Historical background to the EUCD and other EU language versions
  Tom Vogt on the history of EUCD / DMCA (from "WTO and WIPO" onwards)
  BBC News Online 9th April 2001 - EU ministers back internet copyright
  BBC News Online 9th April 2001 - EU concludes copyright deal
  BBC News Online 17th March 1999 - Opposition grows to web caching ban
  BBC News Online 10th February 1999 - Tougher Net piracy law backed
  BBC News Online 1st December 1998 - UK Video-taping faces blackout
  Copyright at the UK Patent Office

The Society of Archivists commented on the draft EUCD - archived at Wayback Engine

The Libraries ran a very effective campaign to influence the final shape of the EUCD, one of the few consumer groups that chose to represent themselves during its evolution

The Foundation for Information Policy Research, an independent body that studies the interaction between information technology and society, has decided to take up research and education activities around the EUCD

Other relevant articles:

Theory and history of copyright

What's wrong with copy-protection, and related concerns

Comment on the case of Dmitry Sklyarov

Academic `chilling' effect of DMCA and EUCD legislation,1285,44344,00.html,1283,46091,00.html

DMCA-related articles

AAP's arguments in support of the DMCA (frighteningly Victorian in feeling):

SSSCA text and related info ("They want to turn your computer into a WebTV, and the internet into yet another content-distribution channel").,1283,46655,00.html

"What you should know about the Hague convention":