The EUCD - Think about ...

If you're a parent, do you really want to make the next generation criminals.

If you're an artist, you should think about control and distribution channels. Where is your free speech when there's nowhere left to speak.

If you're a BBC Sound Engineer, you should think about the technical hurdles DRM and Copy Protection puts in place during your job.

If you're a second hand bookshop, second hand record store, video rental store, you should think about another business to get into. Once the medium goes electronic (who rents Vinyl these days anyway) and the digital rights management control locks specific copies to specific machines, your business is gone.

If you're a Journalist, think about traitor tracing and perfect digital tracking of your sources.

If you're a government think tank member, think about fairness of access and the widening digital divide in the information age.

If you're a European Commission monopolies and competition minister, think about root keys in Digital Rights management, a near perfect monopoly tool.

If you're a Culture Vulture, think about restriction of choice and the influence of blockbuster popular culture in a monopoly distribution system.

If you're a Music Fan, think about the rising price of CDs (16-99 for a single CD album in Tower Records 23/11/01)

If you're a Librarian, you have already had your say while the geeks missed out

If you're a geek - well, you missed the boat, didn't you.