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European Union Copyright Directive

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International Resources

Here are a list of resources that relate to IPR / Software / Copyright in general, and help to place the current debate in a wider context. We will include here international court cases, international resources relating to DMCA, software copyright, copyright control technologies, surveys and statistics.

Intellectual Property Law resources - American Court Cases

  Summary of interesting points from the Softman v Adobe case
  Full text of the judgement in the Softman v Adobe case

Effects of the DMCA

  The DMCA vs. the First Amendment
  Aibohack - shutdown - reborn


  Hollywood wants a piece of your hard drive
  CPRM briefing from Linux Journal
  Slashdot interview with Andre Hedrick On Hard Drive Copy Protection
  Extensive coverage of CPRM at
  Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression

Enclosure of the Intellectual Property Commons

  Conference on the Public Domain at Duke Law School (Recommended)
  The Internet Under Siege
  IP conference: copyright law has gone too far - The Register