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UK Implementation of European Copyright Directive

The UK Patent Office published its consultation paper on the implementation of the European Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC) on 7 August 2002, thus opening its consultation period on the directive. Responses to this paper must be submitted to the Patent Office by 31 October 2002. The paper presented below is a critique of the proposed implementation; it highlights flaws in the proposal, and makes recommendations for their solution. It is intended to be useful both to those writing responses to the Patent Office, and to those who merely want to know how the implementation of the directive is likely to affect them.

Critique of the Proposed UK Implementation of the EU Copyright Directive

Response to the Patent Office's consultation exercise

What can we do about it?

Respond to the consultation paper - you'll find full directions on the STAND website. It's also a good idea to write to your MP, asking them to respond to the consultation as well (consultation responses from MPs are taken more seriously than from the general public) - is your friend.