Campaign for Digital Rights
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Campaign Co-ordinator, Press Liaison, Website Maintenance

Phone (mobile) 07713 166000


I am very happy to accept emails/calls from members of the press at any time. If I'm temporarily unavailable, leave a voice-mail message , and I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as I can (usually within a few hours - if for some reason I don't get back to you fast enough (should I be abroad or otherwise unavailable at work) please contact Martin Keegan).

Interested groups/organisations

If you are involved in running a company, organisation, campaign, user group, or similar that is interested in or affected by the EUCD, DMCA or similar legislation, I should be very grateful if you would get in touch. I am very happy to give presentations to computing societies, for example, discussing the issues and the CDR's activities.

Similarly, it is always useful to be in contact with organisations that are willing for the CDR to refer members of the press to them for additional comment. The effectiveness of the Campaign will be significantly greater if the calls for revision of the EUCD come not just from the CDR and FIPR, but also from industry, academia, and other interested groups.